Bordesley Junction Masterplan

Location: Birmingham, UK

Client: Court Collaboration

Architect: Glancy Nicholls Architects

Completion date: 2022

A landmark new-build residential development, One Eastside is set to be one of Birmingham’s tallest developments and redefines the city’s future as a vertical city. With two towers, the tallest building will reach 160m over 51 storeys. The development will include 700 luxury apartments and create a flexible work space and business centre, a sky lounge with unparalleled views of Birmingham and leisure facilities for residents including a fitness centre and screen room.


Working with Glancy Nicholls Architects and Couch Perry Wilkes we have set performance requirements for acoustics, noise and vibration control in support of delivering the project under a PCSA contract. Our work includes:

-External facade performance and sound insulation

-Internal sound insulation

-Mechanical ventilation strategy and noise control


The site is situated next to a busy road in the centre of Birmingham and is exposed to high noise levels. We used 3D computer modeling software to calculate the noise levels across the facade of the building and provide a detailed assessment of the sound insulation requirements to identify where potential savings could be made.